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Citizen's Guide to Transportation Funding in Missouri

In an effort to educate and inform Missourians on the current status and future direction of their transportation system, the Citizen’s Guide to Transportation Funding takes the complex issues of the state’s transportation revenue, expenditures, system condition and unfunded needs and explains them in clear and easy-to-understand terms.

Transportation Calculator

The Missouri fuel tax is one of the lowest in the nation. Find out what you’re really investing in Missouri roads and bridges by using this simple online calculator.

How Does Missouri Compare?

Missouri has the 7th largest transportation system in the country but ranks 46th in revenue per mile. Almost all of our neighboring states are beating us in investing in transportation.

How Transportation is Funded

Missouri’s transportation revenue totaled almost $2.5 billion in fiscal year 2017. About two-thirds came from state user fees and one-third from federal revenue.

Where is the Money Invested?

Many citizens don’t know that the state shares funds with cities, counties, and other state agencies. When all is said and done only about 60 percent of revenue goes back to the state system.

The Cost of Operations

The Operations budget supports services like mowing, pavement repair and maintaining traffic signals.

Our Current Conditions

Missouri’s highway system is basically maintained on three tiers based on traffic volume. Find out where each tier falls in regards to condition and what that means for Missourian’s transportation future.

What is the Cost?

Vehicle repairs, depreciation, tire wear and congestion cost Missourians a lot more than you might think. Investing in Missouri roads could significantly reduce these costs.

High-Priority Needs

Missouri falls short on funding several areas of the state transportation system. Maintaining roads and bridges doesn’t allow for new projects or significant improvements of the infrastructure, all of which contribute to improved safety and economic growth.